There is no B2B, only human to human'...

And I WISH the bloke from BT on BBC Radio 4 today would stop banging on about 'delivering' broadband, when he meant, 'we have plans to make sure you get the high speed version, even if you live in Norfolk'.

Homeowners, Sky, Vodafone and TalkTalk claim that millions of us have a "substandard" broadband service. The ONLY people who 'deliver', by the way, are Amazon, midwives and the Post Office (and the latter's unreliable). 

The header quote iis from, Brian Kramer, and the book is called Human to Human #H2H. So using normal/human language when we speak in an interview, or a public setting, makes complete sense.

And the Top Five Jargon Phrases we hate?

'Deliverable, moving forward, incentivise, engagement, viral'. 

' Ah well, time to 'engage' the bloke behind the bar, and, moving forward, get a pint delivered. Viral, innit....'

 Clare Catford Communications     image: Bryan Kramer