'...I'm no onion, more of an Aubergine...much more upmarket...'

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Onions and and Adversity

.....You and I are bit like an onion. If you keep peeling the layers off - you get more and more exposed until - well most of us never get that far. When faced with adversity - can I do a Miranda? Adversity, adverrrrrsitee, adversiteeeee 'oh i love that word'; what do you and what do i do? I'm still a bit whoozy after the accident, so i hope you can follow this wobbly copy.

Pleeeeease - NOT the Power of the Now/cow/row...

I'm not a great one for quoting other people; when 'wise sayings'  appear on face book; I just want to know what the person who put them there is really feeling...'WHY did you stick that on there....what you YOU feeling?' Power of the Now quotes are driving me MAD. But there is one. NO not from that book... 

It's from a guy called Henri Nouwen - a former Catholic priest. He allowed himself to fall apart. Just one quote, honest: '

There are two extremes to avoid; being completely absorbed in your pain and being distracted by so many things, that you stay away from the wound you want to heal.'  (Inner voice of Love - Doubleday Books)

I can do the former - it's self indulgent: look at meee I am suffering so: true, it hasn't been an easy year, but you will have had your miseries too; being human means that's just the way it is sometimes.  


Well I used to do more of the busy, busy, busy latter. But I can't do that much anymore. Why? Because I can see myself doing it; and that's painful. If I am with people who are always the busy/rushing/noisy/'so much to do', types; ( with no real downtime); it makes me wonder what's being hidden. I check in on my knees every morning  ( I must emphasise that this is a behaviour that just is, it is not about trying to look holy). I have to do this or I carry a rucksack of crap for the rest of the day. AND it reminds me that I am NOT the centre of the universe.

Telling it how it is

It is a God thing. It's being honest about where I am, what I feel about other people rage, anger if necessary..and also thanks -

Oh...and I am moving on. Methaphorically: I'm out of the bedroom (sick room)  now, and in the living room, (where you live LIFE more), relieved I'm not in the 'storm surge' on the Eastern Seaboard. So the head injury's healing nicely. Who are you again?

'It's a heavy work schedule.....but if I don't do it .........' (otherwise means - I'm a victim, I'm always in demand, and very important) Really?
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