18. Sep, 2019

Hemp, is a 'doggy lifesaver,' say fans. Brexit Deal Makers/shakers GIVE IT A GO EH!

They’re cream crackered. All of them. Sluggish in the Supreme Court? Completely. Drained by ‘no deals?’ Utterly.  Fed up with fighting back? Whichever side they’re on?  Totally. Even when Luxembourg’s PM lost it, prompting podium gate,  exhausted eyebrows stayed put. Foreheads were frozen.


Perhaps a trip to the vet’s the answer?  

“Within a month or so of taking her new treat twice a day, she was counter surfing and attempting to chase cars on our walks. It's made a HUGE difference in her quality of life...and undoubtedly extended it."

"Just want to thank you (again) for making Hazel feel SO MUCH better! What a difference! She’s running, playing in the park & eating like I’ve never seen her eat before."


A relative’s dog’s on Hemp.  Or Cannabidiol. It’s all above board, well checked, and what a transformation!  Her spring had sprung, now she’s a canine captivated by life.

Perhaps our world-weary politicians should give it a go? Might even reboot the sleep deprived soul above.