12. Feb, 2016

ONE: Refuse to settle for 'small'......

This tip comes from 'Brooklyn' author Colm Toibin. '....who quotes novelist Henry James.'Large and full and high the future still opens. It is now indeed that I may do the work of my life'. Toibin re-reads constantly, due to 'it's deep opposition to complacency, it's own refusal to settle for anything small'. NICK THE QUOTE AND LIFE THE LIFE:

TWO: BE OVERTAKEN BY RHINOS: while running London's Marathon. Knees went at 6 miles, took too many Nurofen, but I limped to the finish line. Couldn't start a new job the next day, (toe nail trauma and a dodgy stomach). 'You've only had a small internal bleed', said the doc, when we spoke on the 'phone. 'Best to give the painkillers a rest though, eh'. This was a command, not a question. 


Game of Thrones and Hunger Games' Natalie Dormer who's all set for this year's Marathon;  loves 'the quietness of running'. Me too. It's part of my mid life manifesto for keeping my head clear. It does NOT have to be a 26 mile ordeal (with wrist tech) . I do 20 minutes 3 or 4 times a week. It's not a tranquil turn around the block. Part of the route takes in a busy London highway: buses/fumes/HGV'S; queuing at the lights. BUT, there's a green bit along the way, and my stressed synapses settle down. You might want to give it a go. 

THREE: BE SELECTIVE ABOUT WHICH SILICON VALLEY TYCOON YOU TAKE SERIOUSLY. 'Death is the great enemy, says Peter Thiel, Pay Pal co-founder. I stumbled across him in a BA mag profiling Tech Titans. Peter's pretty sure that  I.T skills may defeat the big D. Yours might, but I don't have such confidence in my own 'blog/share/copy/paste/insert hyperlink' gifts.

Instead, Try Mikey Siegel,a robotics engineer turned 'enlightenment seeker and consciousness hacker'. “We are talking about technology breaking open the self-help industry.”  Meditation early adopters all; out West Coast way; Mikey meets regularly with other Silicon scientists to swap 'THYNC' tips. Like Mikey's sentiments, but  I'm leaving the 'Brain Buzzer' on the back seat. and sticking with the meditation bit. Treated with care, this (do NOT punish yourself if you can only do it for 2 minutes to start with), has helped me to  focus on the now, rather than freak out about those final days that Mr. Thiel's wants to delay. 


FOUR: LAUGH...ALOT. With affection. At yourself, at the world, with a mate, with your dog/cat/rabbit. Here's the science, if that's your bag, Am slowly learning to cook. Better late than. Sliced my first Butternut Squash yesterday. Made a veggie type stew thing. Looked like sick, but grated cheese covered the worst. Anyone for parsnips? 

FIVE: ASK A CHILD FOR ADVICE. Their wisdom is worth its weight in, whatever age you are. This pick up tip comes from a 12 yaar old girl I met at a funeral. 'When I feel scared, or I have had a bad day, I get out the toys I liked when i was very little, and I play with them, that really helps me to calm down'. Once home, I dug out the 'Hunca Munca' Beatrix Potter story. She was right

12/2/16 pic: tvtropes.org