Brain’s firing; do meds improve the wiring?

15. Jul, 2021
15. Jul, 2021
The ADHD (almost post) LOCKDOWN DIARIES....

Is your brain a bit of a rebel? You're creative & great under pressure, but a spread sheet gives you the shivers. Journalists, and adult ADHD'ers, Emma Mahony & Clare Catford on whether meds make managing their 'neurodivergent' brains any easier.

23. Oct, 2020

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27. Sep, 2019

“Be humble. I always believed the higher a monkey climbs in the tree, the more people below can see his ass. You don’t have to be that monkey.” Thomas, ‘T.Boone,’ Pickens Jr.  American business magnate and financier. Died September 11th, 2019.


‘Takeover Operator,’ T. Boone Pickens, had an ego. No disputing that.  All of us, particularly leaders, need a healthy one. ‘Health,’ being the key word.  Red flags get frisky when it’s ego that becomes the main decision driver.  Psychologist Chantal Gautier highlights the short sightedness of such self-regard

“(Ego) becomes problematic when it takes over and is put in the mix with power…and arrogance. This can trigger blind spots.”

 "ANOTHER Slice of Self-Promotion Pie?" Ooooo It's a YES from ME!"

Boris/Trump/Farage seem more than happy to take an ever-bigger slice of the self-promotion pie; laced with an unhealthy dose of self-delusional Dream Topping.

Their many fans talk up their ‘charisma,’ and their ‘common touch,’ gifts of connection.  Our three, now very familiar, public figures, need much more than ‘charisma,’ and a game show gift of the gab, if they’re to prevent their own personal plummet from grace.


They may, of course, be able to postpone any potential downfall. When it does happen, and it will; of much greater concern is who is dragged down with them on their Brexit or bribery, (alleged, of course,) base jumping descent.  

What will be the impact on the countries they’re supposed to serve? The effect on the democratic process they claim they’re proud to protect.  Supreme Court judgments? Potential impeachments? “Bah humbug!” To borrow from Boris.


Humility does not come naturally to our three amigos. To be fair, it does not come naturally to most of us. But if you get to the top of that tree, beware. Your bare backside will blaze, brightly. Blackpool’s illuminations? A portable torch from Poundland in comparison.